According to KX News, A proposed measure to eliminate state property taxes has won approval to formally circulate. The North Dakota Secretary of State's office of Al Jaeger reviewed and approved the format of the petition and the Attorney General's office has provided the official title for the petition. According to the Bismarck Tribune, the measure supporters are led by the State Representative Republican Rick Becker. 

Many people have disagreed in paying property taxes and would like to see them go away. The average property tax in the state of ND is 1.01 percent. Many people would like to see property taxes come out of the North Dakota Legacy Fund. The initative would “prohibit all political subdivisions from levying a tax on any real or personal property.”  

In 2012 North Dakota voters defeated a similar measure which had more than 76% of voters rejecting it.The petition would need to collect 26,904 valid signatures of North Dakota residents by July 6 to be on the November 3, 2020 general ballot. Would you like to see Property Taxes go away?

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