Cant' touch this! Minnesota lawmakers could make grabbing someone's butt, over their clothes, a crime. So, you're asking yourself, "it is legal to grab someone's butt currently?"

According to the Pioneer Press, there is not a law on the books for unwanted-over the clothes butt grabbing. Although the current law is somewhat complex in Minnesota. The law excludes the intentional touching of the clothing covering the area over buttocks.

If the bill becomes law, to grab a butt, in clothing, in an aggressive or sexual manner, would equate to the same crime as groping other private parts on the body or exposing yourself to a minor. In short, unwanted grabbing of a butt in clothing, would be the same crime as masturbating in front of a juvenile.

To be found guilty of a first offense, would be a gross misdemeanor and a second offense would be a felony, punishable up to seven years in prison and a $14,000 fine.

The action comes after the discussion from the #MeToo movement across the nation.

This is a serious matter, and not to bring light to the situation, but one must wonder. In sports, such as football game, can a coach or player not tap another player on the butt, unless invited to do so? What about a wedgie?

One must wonder.



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