Talk about a sport, a game that has just exploded through the last few years

You see this almost everywhere you go, WE have this at our business office, heck WE took it on the road to Sickies Garage Burgers and Brews every Wednesday night all summer long. You can find them in backyards, even in a HUGE barn ( a co-worker has one )  - I'm talking about cornhole. I know you have attempted it at least once or twice - for some it may look easier than it is ( those people will surely find out that it's not ) - get ready, it's kicking off today in Mandan - Send-It 24/7 Cornhole

Write this address down - 1700 E Main St Mandan, ND

If you live or work in Mandan you have been watching this place develop, and NOW it's time -This post came from their Facebook page last night -

Hey, world!!!!
We are cleared to open the doors tomorrow! We will be serving drinks at 4 pm and there will be a blind draw at 7 pm!
Come on in to check out this place we’ve been putting together for the last 6 months!
We could not be more excited for you to come and take a look for yourself!

How awesome is this going to be? You can check out info on league play and to tell you how big this place is, there are 16 cornhole lanes that will be available - indoors of course! A perfect place for beginners to the advanced. So my question is, "Who will throw out the first cornhole bag?"

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