This open letter goes out to all the people here in Bismarck/Mandan that do not pull over for emergency vehicles

Why? Just a simple question, WHY do you think it's not necessary to do a thing when an ambulance with its siren and lights on is quickly coming up behind you? I have seen so many incidents lately of someone clearly NOT getting out of the way, causing the emergency vehicle to take the time to slow down and maneuver around traffic. I actually witnessed someone at a busy intersection here in Mandan make a left-hand turn directly in front of an ambulance that had their lights on.

I can understand if you are boxed in and can't immediately pull over to the side

There are certain circumstances you just can't avoid, like being boxed in, and all of a sudden an ambulance is right behind you. The clear sign of people being bull-headed and refusing to comply and pull off to the side of the road is when you see the emergency vehicle swerving in and out of traffic. Makes everything that much more dangerous.

Keep pushing your luck and continue to not immediately pullover

Those that continue to not give it a second thought when they hear sirens behind them, and proceed to maintain their position in THEIR lane, will be pulled over one of these days soon by the police. I ran across a post on Facebook that said it perfectly "It could be YOUR family member they are trying to save!"

Let common sense be your guide

Quit trying to do things YOUR way, common sense only tells you to pull over if there is an emergency vehicle coming up behind you or towards you. You are breaking the law if you don't, and you may prevent someone that extra second of care they need in an accident or a hostile situation.

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