We here at Townsquare Media LOVE our listeners.

We pride ourselves in giving away the most prizes to local winners.  However, there are a few things I have to get off my chest.

First off, it's not my rule, but a rule is a rule.  You can only win ONCE every 30 days.

This is dictated mostly by our clients.  Now, there's a very select few that try to break this rule.  They think they're being clever by giving a different name, friend's address, and phone number.  Guess what?  You're not fooling us.  We have the technology to know who's who, and even if we didn't.  We know voices.  No matter how you disguise it, we can tell.  Let's just say it's a gift.  We dj's have a keen sense when it comes to audio.

Speaking of audio, PLEASE don't call us on your Bluetooth.

You'll have a hard time hearing us and your audio will be soft.  Remember, this is radio.  Audio is EVERYTHING.  So, even if you're driving, take us off Bluetooth once you get through to the studio during a contest.  Pull over if you have to.

Speaking of contests, there's nothing worse to a dj than a non-enthusiastic winner.

I remember one time I gave away $10,000 dollars to a listener on air, and all I got was "Oh, that's nice."  If you don't want the prize, then you probably shouldn't be calling for it just to see if you can get through.  You know what I'm saying.  A little excitement will go a longgggg way.  "Don't be a dead fish."

Don't call in for a contest if you don't have at least 5 minutes to go through the process.

If you're at a job with a boss hovering, a doctor's office, church (yes, I've had a winner call from church), etc.  You probably shouldn't bother calling in for the contest.  It's a little awkward when you're hurrying us through the process.  It's also a pretty good bet you will come across as non-enthusiastic or non-appreciative.

Speaking of appreciation.

One of the things that drives us dj's nuts is when people say things like, "Where are my seats?"  "They better be good!"  This has been kind of a new development over the last few years from winners.  I always say, "They're in the section F-R-E-E!  99% of the time, the dj won't know what section you're sitting in when it comes to tickets.  Just for the record, most of the time the seats we give away to events are pretty good or even very good.

That's about it.  Again, we LOVE it when you play our contests.  Just a few things to make a note of.  We have the greatest listeners.  We enjoy and take pride in having "More Local Winners Guaranteed!"  Now, get ready to be my 10th caller and turn the radio on.  Thanks so much for listening.

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