Hazen, North Dakota's Krista, and Kendra Slaubaugh have dropped a new single on their fans "Shoot Tequila".  Here's a slice of it and the official video from our favorite sisters.

Video courtesy of the Tigirlily Gold YouTube Channel.

This sassy single will have you reaching for a bottle of tequila or a margarita at the very least.

I love this song which really shows the growth and development of these very two talented individuals.  Tigirlily Gold has always been the master of heartfelt love songs, but this single shows they can sing upbeat party songs with the best of them.

Tigirlily-Monument Records
Tigirlily-Monument Records

The video really shows a fun side to the ladies and something we've all said after a hard night of drinking.  "Never again."

If you're curious about where you can maybe see Tigirlily Gold this spring or summer on tour it looks like they are in the process of working out the details for that.  They only have one show scheduled on their official website as of now.  That is March 4th in Nashville, but you can be sure that more dates will be filling up fast in the near future.

Tigirlily Gold just finished up their first major headlining tour which hit a lot of major cities across the United States in 2022.  The tour was sponsored by Lee and the shows were billed as secret/exclusive shows for their fans.

Tigirlily Gold has been touring North Dakota and the Midwest since their teens. They are known as some of the hardest-working artists in country music.

For the last several years Tigirlily has been living in Nashville, paying their dues, and showcasing their talents across some of Nashville's biggest nightclubs and bars.

Hopefully, this new single "Shoot Tequila" will be the song that really breaks this duo to even greater stardom.  All the best ladies, you deserve it.

Be sure to listen for Tigirlily Gold's new single "Shoot Tequila" on US 103-3.

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