According to an article on Best Life, the most used slang term North Dakotans use is 100% accurate in my mind.  More on that in a moment.

First off, what is the method behind the madness?  The data behind the survey comes from a gaming company called PlayNJ.  In the survey, 41 percent of Americans think their state has words or slang that people from outside of their state just wouldn't get or understand.

We talk kind of funny in North Dakota.  More than most.

I personally think we have a whole new language in North Dakota sometimes.  You could even go one step further and break it down to "west river" and "east river".  Have you ever gone on a vacation somewhere, and had people say "you have an accent?"  I know I have, and I talk for a living.  Let's face it, you can take the North Dakota out of the boy, but you can't take the boy out of North Dakota.

So, what is North Dakota's most used "slang term?"  "You betcha?",  "I know right?", "hot mess", "hotdish", "shelterbelt", "supper", "sundog" or "flickertail?"  All good guesses but the number one answer is..."Uff da".  That's right, our Scandanavian roots are showing through.

In fact, did you know there is a traveling taco stand you'll find at big events in eastern North Dakota called "Uff da Tacos?"  They are delicious by the way.  Fried bread tacos that you can find at a lot of fairs and festivals.

What about our neighboring states?

Minnesota's is "You betcha".  South Dakota's is "Kattywampus" and Montana's is"Cowboy up".

There you have it, what slang terms we like to say the most in our region.  We better all brush up on "hooked on phonics".

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