I think we all can appreciate things that "fly under the radar."

I know I was told by a fellow broadcaster friend of mine a long time ago that the key to longevity is "flying under the radar".  I didn't really understand it at the time but I do now.

Sometimes it's better to not stand out.  Sure, it's great to be front and center when things are going well, but it sure isn't when things are going poorly.  Sometimes it's just better to be consistent and fly under the radar.

After being in the radio business longer than I care to admit.  Now, I understand exactly what my friend was trying to say to that 18-year-old kid all those years ago.

I would imagine it's the same with just about any business.  Sure, there are times to shine but if you just do your job/thing well and you're consistent, it will go a long way.

The website Cheapism had an article that caught my eye recently.

The Best Under The Radar Restaurant in each state.

Before I get to North Dakota's winner let's take a look at the neighboring states around us.

South Dakota:

Meridian Corner in Freeman.

This place is a former gas station.  Apparently, they have everything from small bites to big plates but they're especially known for their onion rings.  They even serve rocky mountain oysters and another favorite among Germans fleisch kuchele.


El Burrito Mercado in St. Paul.

Praised for its authentic Mexican food.


The Boxcar in Missoula.

Known for its high-end dining without the high-end prices.  Serves a lot of classic French dishes.

And the best at flying under the radar in North Dakota?

Randy's University Diner in Fargo.

Google Maps Screenshot
Google Maps Screenshot

According to the article, the restaurant is simple but has very tasty food.  I can't remember the last time I had coffee cake, but apparently, theirs is to die for.  Next time you're in Fargo it might be worth a stop to see for yourself.

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