I love this story, to me, it defines perfectly what "North Dakota Nice" is all about

Have you ever heard of Fantasy Football? No, I'm not talking about fantasizing that the Minnesota Vikings have an upcoming perfect season and a Super Bowl Victory, almost everyone I know that LOVES football can live out their fantasy of what it would be like to manage your own team, draft players, and put them in your gameday line-up, and go head-to-head with other people in your league. Now that I hopefully set that up for you, sit back and enjoy this awesome story.

A Charleston, South Carolina man found out first-hand just what 'North Dakota Nice' is all about

Collins Moe is his name, I'm guessing he is not great at Fantasy Football, he finished dead last in his league. Wouldn't you think that would be punishment enough? Nope, as part of this competition, the winner gets to decide the fate and cruelty delivered to the loser, as such was Collins was handed a plane ticket to fly out to the frozen tundra known as Fargo, North Dakota. On the flight out, someone caught wind of WHY he was on the plane, the buzz circulated through all the North Dakota natives, and people were already teasing him on being "unprepared for the winter climate", after some of the laughter subsided someone immediately invited him to a North Dakota State basketball game:

While at the game, a local reporter heard about Collins first experience in North Dakota and literally made him "an instant superstar" on social media

So what happens next when the city of Fargo quickly falls in love with a 'loser'?

Twin Rivers Capital Facebook
Twin Rivers Capital Facebook

You are invited by the Fargo Force hockey team to drop the ceremonial puck! Brobible.com said it best "Moe returned home on Sunday following that wild series of events. The trek, which was supposed to be a punishment, wound up being the trip of a lifetime. He may try to lose every year if the results end up like this" To all of us that live in North Dakota we would expect nothing less than the "North Dakota Nice" treatment Collins received, not get yourself out here to Bisman!

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