It's been said, in order to win big, you have to allow yourself to lose big.

Maybe that's why I never win big.  To be honest, I'm not much of a gambler.  I'm the type of person who puts down $20 bucks at the Blackjack table and when that runs out, I'm done.  When I play slots, I'm playing the nickel slots and not the $5 dollar slots.  Maybe, that's why I never win the aforementioned "big".

Well, a North Dakota man wasn't afraid to "lose big" and now he's a MILLIONAIRE.  It was a helluva week for Elton Spotted Horse from Mandaree, North Dakota.  He hit a jackpot totaling more than $1.6 million.  $1,668,961.83 to be exact while playing Dancing Drums Explosion, according to a press from Four Bears Casino where Elton Spotted Horse was playing the game.  Dancing Drums Explosion is a game created by a Las Vegas-based, cross-platform games and entertainment leader Light and Wonder Incorporated.

This is the 2nd largest jackpot in North Dakota history.  Kind of a big deal. 

Mr. Spotted Horse won the million-dollar jackpot this past weekend by matching three explosion symbols in the Fu Babies bonus on a $5.88 bet.  It's a slot machine.  The General Manager of Four Bears Casino Scott Wilson, said "We are happy to be part of Elton's winnings and congratulate him."  The General Manager went on to say "You are offered the highest

Mr. Spotted Horse won the million-dollar jackpot over the weekend by matching three Explosion symbols in the Fu Babies bonus on a $5.88 bet. “We are happy to be part of Elton’s winnings and congratulate him,” said Scott Wilson, General Manager at 4 Bears Casino and Lodge. “You are offered the highest jackpots at casinos. We recommend being a part of our Players Club, therefore you get more perks for play and get the most out of your gambling experience.”

 Four Bears Casino is located just west of New Town, North Dakota.

They offer 180 hotel rooms, slots, table games, a marina, an RV park, a waterpark, and coming soon a gaming riverboat.

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