According to Ag Week, history was made in North Dakota with the longest train in the United States. According to the article, the 8,500 feet long train was loaded earlier in the month at the Farmers Elevator Company of Honeyford. According to the article, this could help keep the competitive market on edge. The Honeyford elevator is located at 2472 30th St NE, Honeyford, ND 58235. 

I think this is awesome that the state of North Dakota is able to break records. When we break records, it really puts our state on the map. I personally think trains are really fascinating and this is wonderful that we were able to break the record. That train must of been extremely long. A person doesn't see too many grains or agriculture product trains except in the fall of the year. 

I'm curious as to how many engines they needed to pull that long of a train and how many engines they had in the back of the train? Trains have always fascinated me since I was really young. I had a trainset in my parent’s basement that took up the whole room. Do you think trains are cool and fun to watch? 

Did you get a chance to see the longest train in the United States? If not, do you wish you would've been able to see the train? Just to get a chance to see history be made would be really cool. 

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