Ever since COVID grocery prices have gotten insane.

Milk, eggs, meat, fruit, vegetables, and everything thing in between, it doesn't take much to add up to a couple of hundred dollars.

There was a time when buying dinner from the grocery store was much cheaper than going out to eat at a nice restaurant.  I'm not sure that is exactly true anymore.  Everybody is looking for a way to save on food.  Me?  I'm always buying my 2-for-1 Smart Ones microwavable lunch meals.

I'm sure if you are a savvy grocery shopper like me you've noticed which grocery stores in town have the cheapest prices.

The one thing that I was not aware of is that we have one of the cheapest grocery stores in the United States right here in Bismarck, according to an article in U.S. News & World Report.

They published a story on the 7 Cheapest Grocery Stores in the United States.  They include:


2. Woodman's Markets

3. WinCo Foods

4. Lidl

5. Market Basket

6. Grocery Outlet

7. Costco

To be honest, I have never even heard of the top 6.  We do have two Costco's in North Dakota.  One in West Fargo, and one right here in north Bismarck.

Rick Rider
Rick Rider

Costco specializes in wholesale products, so if you like to buy groceries in bulk, it makes the most sense to get a Costco membership for groceries.  This is a great option for people with big families.  I'm not a member, but I did get a tour when it first opened, and I remember I really liked the meat section.  Ribeye anyone?

Costco has a total of 594 stores across the United States.

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