You may recall, that North Dakota recently sent a squadron of firefighters to Louisiana to help in recovery efforts with Hurricane Ida. According to an email obtained from North Dakota Emergency Services, a total of 15 firefighters from Williston, rural Williston, Bismarck Rural and Dickinson Fire Departments returned this week after two weeks down in Louisiana helping folks get their lives back to normal.

North Dakota Emergency Services

Fires continue to be a problem in the New Orleans area, as the home of the New Orleans Saints football team, the New Orleans Superdome's roof recently caught on fire, according to ESPN.  You can read about that here.

Our first North Dakota team traveled more than 1,800 miles to Baton Rouge, Louisiana and were assigned to the volunteer fire department in Lockport, Louisiana.  They assisted with carbon monoxide calls, fire alarms, rescuing pets and structure fires.  They also had the daunting task of helping communities with tree and debris clean up.

North Dakota Emergency Services

A second crew of firefighters from North Dakota traveled to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and were first assigned to a Federal Emergency Management (FEMA) base camp.  This group was then assigned to the Schriever Fire Department.  They ended up about 80 miles south of Baton Rouge and west of Lockport.

This is not the first time North Dakota firefighters have assisted with a hurricane in Louisiana.  They were also there back in 2005.  They've also assisted other disaster events in Mississippi in 2011, Puerto Rico in 2017, Florida in 2017, Hawaii in 2018, Oklahoma in 2019 in Oregon in 2020.

Bravo to these brave men and women for their heroism and volunteer efforts.


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