Do you remember way back when you picked up a plastic tray at the school cafeteria?

There you were in line, staring at all the nice workers with a hair net on and white sanitary gloves, smiling while scooping up something steaming hot and dropping it off on Target, on our plastic plate, on our plastic tray. I just described what "lunchtime" at most elementary schools looked like around the country. Even now I remember that all the food groups were pretty well taken care of - AND milk was everywhere. I was one of the lucky ones, and of course, I didn't even think twice about it.

Hey North Dakota Senators - remember when you didn't dine on a fancy "steak and martini" lunch?

I would guess probably not. I'm also thinking that when people come to them with the reality that their families are struggling and having a hard time making sure that the children are at least taken care of at lunch - as in FREE lunches, that would go a long way in easing the stress of their low income, I would think that North Dakota Senators would do absolutely anything they could to help - I was wrong. According to "... group of lawmakers voted against legislation that would have expanded a free school lunch program for some of the state's neediest students"

Any sign of compassion from the group that said "No Dice" to free lunch for the kids?

Yes, there was plenty of that for THEIR appetite, as just two days later "The North Dakota Senate greenlit a bill on Thursday that will increase the amount of money they can expense for their meals when traveling within the state" added.

So SOMEONE please explain the logic behind their stomachs, I mean their thinking.

Just plain idiotic.

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