There's a new place you can check out for your holiday shopping. A clothing and accessory store opened in the Kirkwood Mall today (December 9th, 2022).

You might think we have enough clothing stores in Bismarck-Mandan; to that, I say, HOW DARE YOU.

Besides, this isn't your average clothing and accessory store; it is specifically for a person who is trying to find all things Western wear. If that's you, better keep scrolling.

What You Need To Know

You actually seem to get two shops in one; the stores are called "Cowgirls Attitude" and "Jewels of the West."

A post was made to the Kirkwood Mall's Facebook page, announcing the store is now open. Take a look:


As you can see, the store is full of western clothing: turquoise costume jewelry, cowgirl hats, vests, and handbags.

It appears as though Cowgirls Attitude the store has clothes for youth all the way up to adult women sizes.


Holiday Shopping

The holidays are upon us! If you're trying to get more unique gifts this year, or are simply just trying to avoid things like socks and gift cards, you could give this place a shot. -- It is most certainly full of an assortment of things that would be a surprise to your loved ones.

Where Is The Store

Located in the Kirkwood Mall, the stores sit right next to PacSun. Whether this is a seasonal, pop-up shop or permanent fixture in the mall is unclear at this time.

While you're out running around, fighting the masses for parking spots and sale racks, keep this store on your radar.

Good luck holiday shopping & TTFN!



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