New business alert coming to Bismarck.  Gratitude Spa & Salon will open it's doors on Monday, May 11th.  The 5500 square foot salon will offer a wide variety of services including, haircuts, nails, facials, massages, waxing, steam showers and more.  Crews are working feverishly on the new business.

Kristin Chorne

I had a chance to sit down with the owner of Gratitude Spa & Salon's Kristin Chorne, and chat a little bit about her full service spa and salon for both men and women.  First off, their location will be at 1147 West Capitol Ave.  Right across from Dan's Supermarket.  I asked Kristin about the name "Gratitude Spa & Salon" and how it came to be?  She said, "The reason behind the name are the life lessons her parents taught her growing up."  The one lesson she never forgot was "to be grateful."  You never know when you might lose something you love, and that's exactly what happened to Kristin.  She lost both her parents at a very young age.  The name is a way for her to honor them, and what her Mom and Dad taught her before their passing.

Kristin Chorne

Gratitude Spa & Salon's goal is to create a space perfect for relaxing.  They want you to feel calm, pampered and most of all appreciated.  They open May 11th, but will be taking calls for appointments beginning on May 5th.  The period between May 5th and May 9th they will have a special offer for their new customers.  Buy a $100 gift card and get an additional $20 dollars.

Kristin Chorne

Need a job?  They are also looking to hire.  Gratitude Spa and Salon has openings for stylists, massage therapists, nail technicians and more.

Their hours of operation will be Monday 9-6, Tuesday-Thursday 9-8, Friday 9-6 and Saturday 9-5.

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