This the time of year where we start to lose our fitness motivation. It gets chilly, more holiday treats and candies are making their way into our homes, so you might not have noticed a changed at the Missouri Valley Family YMCA in Mandan.

The Reveal

The Family Wellness Center made a post on its Facebook page, saying they had just unboxed some new equipment. The fitness center shared a picture, revealing three new stair climbers, and it appears there's now an extra bike or two.

Take a look at the post they made, announcing the addition:

Personally, I try to avoid the stair-climbers. This, mainly because I am weak and stairs are hard. In any case, they are very popular machines. Personally, I've been to this gym many times, and hey are almost always filled up.

I feel like I can use that as an excuse as to why I don't use them, but the clock is ticking on that now.

Ready For Use

The portion of the facility where these new machines have been placed is still not quite finished yet, and has been closed off as they transition.

No official word yet as to when they will be done moving things around, but a friend told me he went there today, and it's still not quite ready. Though, if I were to guess, I don't think it will be long before you can give one of them a whirl.



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