I think it's a part of life for generations to continue to try and compare what it was like "Back then..."   AND what it's like NOW

That's common knowledge in my mind, that someone growing up in the 50s, 60s, or even the 70s is having a hard time adjusting and accepting some lifestyles of other people. The Rights of transgender people are in the news lately here in North Dakota - and these range from college sports to using a public restroom. How open are you to change?

A delicate topic of conversation

My belief is that anybody should be allowed to express themselves and be free with their body and gender - WITHIN reason. This is why it's such a delicate topic of conversation, for some people do not have the ability to have an open mind and absolutely refuse to accept different patterns in life. According to apnews.com  "The North Dakota Senate has passed a series of bills that would restrict transgender people’s rights in sports, health care, schools, workplaces and daily life..."

House Bill 1522 - You talk about controversy, this one is it

Just a couple of weeks ago, on April 3rd, North Dakota lawmakers looked at one such transgender bill that I have a hard time understanding - House Bill 1522. According to kxnet.com  "House Bill 1522 — which prohibits students from using a bathroom different from his or her biological sex. Under the bill, a school would require a parent’s approval for a transgender student to use a separate bathroom"  I'm not that open-minded to see this ever happening.

What are your thoughts?

Think about both sides of this situation - how would you like your young daughter, vulnerable in an open restroom, when a young person who has male gender parts walks in? Again I find it extremely hard to accept



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