Tomorrow is the annual 4/20 day across North Dakota the nation.  It's almost turned into a pseudo-holiday for many.  In case you have no idea what I'm talking about, 4/20 is a slang term for when pot smokers like to light up on a daily basis.

So, when the calendar actually turns to 4/20 once a year, it's high times for many Americans.  A day-long celebration.  The problem is, that driving while you're high is no different than when you are driving when you're drunk.  It's all impaired driving and it can cost you or somebody else their life.  Not to mention your license and have huge financial ramifications.

According to a press release from the North Dakota Highway Patrol, drug-impaired driving has become an increasing danger on North Dakota roadways.  In recent years, several states have passed laws allowing marijuana use on a recreational or medical basis, but it is illegal to use marijuana and then drive.

The North Dakota Highway Patrol admits there will likely be an increase in marijuana use tomorrow on 4/20 the marijuana "holiday."  To help keep drug-impaired drivers off the roads, the North Dakota Highway Patrol, along with law enforcement agencies nationwide, will be ramping up enforcement efforts to spread the word that drug-impaired driving of any kind is dangerous and illegal.

In the last 5 years along, 222 people in North Dakota have died in crashes involving impaired drivers.  Nationally, approximately 46% of drivers who are killed in crashes and tested for drugs, test positive.  It's been proven that THC can slow reaction times, which can lead to deadly accidents.  Don't light up and drive.



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