One of the weekends I look forward to the most each year, opening duck season.  Preparation actually begins weeks in advance with scouting, talking with landowners and of course getting geared up at Scheels.


My pup Callie was front and center with her new e-collar the 1900 S. Dogtra.  Man, I love this collar with 127 levels of stimulation.  My old collar only had 5.  She handled beautifully with this awesome collar, which by the way is a great value at Scheels right now for only $239.  If you're looking to upgrade, now is the time to pull the trigger with bird season just getting going and the pheasant opener right around the corner.


Anyway, back to the hunt.  We had been scouting several hundred Wood Ducks for a couple of weeks.  Accessing a place to get to these birds was a problem however.  After putting on some miles,  we finally made contact with a very nice landowner who let my son and I use his access to get to these birds.


The view was breath taking from his backyard and we both felt very fortunate just to be there.


We quickly found our spot and it wasn't long and the birds were moving.  We had our sights on Wood Ducks and saw several hundred.  The sights and sounds of Wood Ducks working our decoys is something we'll never forget.  Callie was stellar with her retrieves.


Although the Wood Ducks proved to be wary adversary, we did manage to get a few.  The Gadwalls however did cooperate and will make some good grilling this week.


As the sun set and we thanked our landowner, we couldn't help but feel fortunate.  My son saying, "Man, that was fun" stuck with me the rest of the night, and hopefully this is something he'll remember for a long time.  Our Scheels Wood Duck decoys did the trick, my Banded waders kept me dry in deep water and the e-collar was perfect.  A big thank you to Scheels.  Be sure to check back here next week for our next adventure.


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