South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem will not allow Mount Rushmore in South Dakota to be added to the growing list of monuments across the country to be destroyed.  According to an article on KX News, When conservative commentator Ben Shapiro tweeted, “So, when is our woke historical revisionist priesthood going to insist on blowing up Mount Rushmore?” Noem was quick to respond.

Of course the large historic structure shows the faces of U.S. Presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln in the Black Hills region of South Dakota.

It's uncertain if there are any current credible threats to do such an act to the massive sculpture in America history.  Maybe all this rhetoric is a preventative measure or warning against anybody who would consider such a task.  It could be that Governor Noem wanted to take an immediate stand on the situation.

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Of course this all stems from protesters across the country vandalizing monuments  after the death of George Floyd who was in police custody in Minneapolis.  Protesters across the country have vandalized and toppled Confederate monuments.

According to the article officials in Charleston, South Carolina recently unanimously voted to remove a statue of former vice president and slavery advocate John C. Calhoun.  In Columbus, the Mayor announced they will remove a statue of Christopher Columbus from city hall.

Where do you draw the line?  How much of history doe we erase?  These are very tough questions that I'm glad I do not have to make a decision on.


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