According to KFYR-TV, President Donald Trump is going to be at this years July 3, 2020 event at Mount Rushmore. According to KFYR-TV, on Friday May 1, 2020 President Donald Trump was interviewed on a podcast by Dan Bongino and said he plans to attend the fireworks at Mount Rushmore. South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem and South Dakota senator Mike Rounds both tweeted welcoming the President to the event on May 3, 2020. The 4th of July fireworks were approved by the National Park Service. For more information click here

This is great for the state of South Dakota to have a sitting President at the fireworks display at Mount Rushmore. Mount Rushmore has always been a big tourist spot for South Dakota. According to Google, Mount Rushmore is 321.5 miles from Bismarck, North Dakota or five hours and twenty minutes.  It's a quick roadtrip from the Bismarck-Mandan area. Mount Rushmore has presidents Theodore Roosevelt, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Thomas Jefferson on it.

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