According to a recent tweet from Kevin Kramer, President Trump invited the team to the White House. How could you not invite a team with 8 national championships in the last 9 years? NDSU was invited last year and did attend the event. There has not been an official invitation yet, and no word if the team will attend. According to Kevin Kramer the President asked specifically about NDSU head coach Matt Entz and asked how they keep doing it with new head coaches. NDSU's first trip to the  White House was last march and there was lots of talk and question if they were going to get invited this year. This was NDSU's first season going 16-0 and hasn't been done by a division 1 team since 1894 with Yale doing it. NDSU's quarterback Trey Lance hasn't thrown an interception this last season. NDSU won their 8th national championship on January 11 with a final score of 28-20 against James Madision. Stay with us for more details about the White House visit.

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