Human trafficking is one of the most despicable crimes you could ever commit.  A Minnesota woman believes a person who approached her recently, had intent to do just that to her.

According to a facebook post by Summer McKenna, she was approached by a man in a strip mall parking lot in Lakeville, Minnesota, right off I 35 recently.  This man was wearing a black tea coat, black hoodie, and carrying a black backpack.  He was not wearing a mask so his facial features were identifiable.  This man told Summer that she was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen, and she reminded him of his girlfriend,  who had blonde hair and blue eyes.  He offered her $200 dollars to go with him.  Obviously, Summer was startled and had to act quick.  The man had her cornered next to her car in broad daylight.  Summer got in the drivers seat of her car as fast as she could.  She locked the doors, while the man walked swiftly towards the passenger side.  Once he heard the doors locked, he changed directions and started walking around the parking lot.

Summer then immediately called the police, and stayed in her vehicle until she knew it was safe.  You might be saying, "why didn't she drive off?"  She was concerned that the man wasn't working alone, and that her car could be marked without Summer knowing.  Remember the movie "Taken"?

The man who approached Summer was continuing to survey the parking lot and was walking towards the store Marshall’s. The cops that were dispatched were able to take him into custody. Summer filed a report with the Lakeville Police Department, and they were going to find out what this mans intent was. They also stated they have dealt with this man in the past and are actively working to address the issue.

Human trafficking and other sex crimes happen everyday.  Especially, places in close proximity to interstates or highways.  It's an easy get away.  Bismarck-Mandan we fall into that catagory.  I can't help but think of University of North Dakota student Dru Sjodin, and what happened to her in a mall parking lot in Grand Forks on November 22nd, 2003.  That story didn't have a happy ending.  Ladies, PLEASE be aware of your surroundings.


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