I had the pleasure of interviewing Bismarck Native Patrick Atkinson about his GOD'S CHILD Project on Breakfast With Bakken Friday morning..  One of the topics we discussed was his new project, 'Institute for Trafficked, Exploited & Missing Persons' (www.ITEMP.org).  I think that this can be a great resource for parents, teachers, schools,  law-enforcement and anyone working to protect our kids.  Here's the rundown of Patrick's new project.

Despite Trump Executive Order, Over 2300 Migrant Children Still Held In Cam
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The 'Institute for Trafficked, Exploited & Missing Persons' (www.ITEMP.org) was founded by Bismarck native-Patrick Atkinson in 2001 as a sub-program of the Bismarck-based international charity, The GOD'S CHILD Project (www.GodsChild.org). ITEMP was North Dakota's first dedicated non-governmental human trafficking awareness, prevention, and interdiction program; it quickly grew to become one of America's ten largest anti-human trafficking efforts during the 2000's.
Today ITEMP is actively engaged regionally, nationally, and in Central America, South America, and Southeast Asia in:
- Age and Audience-appropriate guest lectures and education programs on human trafficking, online exploitation, sexting and grooming, and bullying
- Detection and Reporting
- Initial Investigation
- Interdiction (rescue) assistance
- Prosecutorial assist
- Community leadership engagement for the development of zoning codes, community safety programs and events
Since 2001, ITEMP has given 1,900 presentations and training to student, parent, community, and law enforcement groups ranging in size from 3 (counseling staff at a New Jersey community college) to 23,000 (Anaheim Coliseum).
For more information on these topics and the work of ITEMP.org, or to arrange for an individualized presentation or training program, please visit www.ITEMP.org, email Director@ITEMP.org, or call (701) 255-7956 and ask for Patrick Atkinson or Emily Schaefbauer.

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