An incredible addition to the Minnesota Vikings just hours before the trade deadline!

Before I begin...could my beverage assistant please bring me a glass of purple kool-aid


Thank you! (chugs kool-aid)

I like to think we Minnesota Viking fans are a humble bunch.  It's been a while since we've had anything to crow about. So when I just heard about this incredible acquisition I felt it was maybe time to let out one heckuva mighty SKOL!!! (finishes kool-aid)

Welcome, Tight End T.J. Hockenson to your Minnesota Vikings!

Detroit Lions v Chicago Bears
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In a trade deal that happened just hours before Tuesday's trade deadline.

Chicago Bears v Detroit Lions
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The Detroit Lions decided to part ways with their starting tight end by trading him in their own division! Odd decision, but one that came down to value. T.J. Hockenson is ranked as one of the top ten tight ends currently in the NFL. Which sounds great but there is a steep production drop between the top 3 NFL tight ends and everyone else. But it's a HUGE upgrade from our current starting TE.

News Break! Viking TE Irv Smith injured while reading this article

Well, at least his feelings must be hurt.  But seriously Irv Smith's tenure with the Vikings could be best illustrated by the patient from the children's game Operation. Sorry Irv, but so far as a Viking you've broken, fractured, dislocated, torn, bruised, extended, and sprained every part of your body.

So what did the Vikings give up to grab Hockenson?


The deal involved Minnesota sending a 2023 second-round pick and 2024 third-round pick to Detroit to land the No. 8 overall pick of the 2019 NFL Draft, as well as a fourth-round pick in 2023 and a conditional pick in 2024.

Now if you are a Viking fan like me, you don't care about the future. Your team is 6-1 and if you can load the roster with another player capable of helping us win now, then I'm all in. Those picks aren't outrageous.  Why did the Lions let T.J. go? He was due for a contract extension next year that would have left the Lions on the hook for $10 million. Detroit wasn't going to want to pay up so they figured they'd get something for him before he walked.

These stats are only through week 5 but T.J. is having a pretty good year

 Hockenson's athleticism has been on full display, with the former top-10 pick gaining +76 yards after catch over expected, which is tied for first among tight ends with Dallas Goedert. Hockenson has averaged 7.9 receiving yards per target in 2022, fourth among TEs with at least 20 targets.

Here's one more look at that athleticism.  I'm off to find another glass of grape kool-aid

Detroit Lions v Arizona Cardinals
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