I think everybody who's gone to school has that "one" teacher that made a difference for them.  I was lucky enough to have several.  Sadly, Mr. Healy (Kelly Elementary), Mrs. Stenseth (Red River High School) and Mrs. Erickson (Red River High School) have passed on.

I was able to make it to one of their funerals, Mrs. Erickson, my Art teacher.  It's not easy being an Art teacher.  Let's face it, most kids take that class in high school as a "blow off" class, and usually behave very badly.  I might have even been one of those "slackers" to begin, but I soon came around.  I've always had a very creative side to myself and Mrs. Erickson really helped me cultivate that.  I still enjoy art today because of her.  She had so much patience and was such a kind lady.  She was also a former Miss North Dakota.

Mrs. Stenseth probably has as much to do with me ending up a radio personality as anybody.  A southern lady with lots of charm, who really helped me come out of my shell.  She was my English teacher who never gave up on me as a student, and really got me interested in writing and speech.  As it turned out, she was preparing me for my career.

Mr. "Rock" Healey was not only my elementary gym teacher, but my son's as well.  How cool is that?  I've always been a big sports guy, and I remember him on the sidelines coaching and cheering me on the school football or basketball teams.  He was such a mentor for me, at such an impressionable age.  Mr. Healey, later in my life, was an umpire at many of my adult "beer league" softball games.  We had a friendship for most of my life.

A kindergarten teacher in Falcon Heights, Minnesota was just on the Ellen show.  I can tell she was the "one" too for so many.  She's battled cancer once, only to have it come back, and now she's terminal.  Ellen found a way to make her day while she was at the hospital, undergoing a chemo treatment.  Here's the video.  WARNING:  Unless you're totally heartless, this will make you cry, but in a good way!  Enjoy and don't forget to remember that "one" teacher.




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