Think big! The Mega Millions jackpot has reached the fifth highest and is currently at $493 million for tonight's drawing.

It could be you and why not? North Dakota has had some winners in some of the smaller value games including Lucky for Life, but we have not a huge jackpot winner. How awesome would that be!!

And that jackpot amount could rise to even more by the current traffic and pace of ticket sales in Bismarck and across the nation.

Speaking to a convenience store employee Monday night, she said the ticket sales in Bismarck are brisk. She went on to say anytime any of the jackpots get to record level, people who she never or rarely sees purchase lotto tickets, come in and either buy a ticket or join in some form of an office pool. She also added most people purchase the quick pick, where the computer generates your lotto numbers. And yet, she adds, some people have their lucky numbers and never venture off from those numbers.

I have never known anyone to win a large jackpot. I play the ND Lotto fairly often. I belong to the online club where I can purchase lotto tickets in advance for all of the drawings, besides winning a buck or two, I have never won a three-digit cash prize. Never the less, I have faith! I can't win if I don't play.

And if you should win (and become my new best friend) you could decide on the payout option for a single winner of Tuesday’s Mega Millions drawing and that amount would be about $296 million.

Still not too shabby!

Remember the deadline is 10 pm (CST) local time. Good Luck!


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