What's next? Today's society is always on the go and everybody wants everything right now because we're all so busy.

Cate Gillon / Getty Images
Cate Gillon / Getty Images

Burger giant McDonald's knows this which is why they are breaking out the touch screen Big Mac self-service machine. Think of it as an ATM but for burgers.

It will debut Tuesday, January 31st in Boston. The machine can deliver a Big Mac and Jr Big Mac just by tapping the touch screen. Actually, it works like this. You place your order on the screen, and someone, somewhere will cook your burger and feed it to the machine then to your hands and into your stomach!

It's a promotional gimmick and the company says this is not the first step in automation at their restaurants, but who knows, if it catches on, it could be coming to the Golden Arches in Bismarck!

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