According to KFYR-TV, a 21-year-old Mandan man is behind bars for performing lewd acts in the holy water fountain in the  Spirit of Life Chuch in Mandan Tuesday afternoon. Zachary Burdick was causing a disturbance in the church initially and was asked to leave. He was trying to bless people in the church while holding The Book of Morman.

Burdick left the church and soon returned only to strip naked and get into the church holy fountain. He then got out of the fountain started walking down the aisles and was performing lewd acts. It is worth noting, Spirit of Life church has a preschool inside the church.

The cops were called and Burdick was arrested for various charges including criminal mischief.

Church officials say they will drain the holy water fountain, clean it, refill it with water and bless it again.


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