A man is facing several charges after dragging a horse down a road as it was tied to a trailer with a rope behind his truck.

Mark Metcalfe / Getty Images
Mark Metcalfe / Getty Images

Cody Lynn  Sundby, 34, has been charged with several Class C felonies including animal cruelty, plus Sundby is also accused of assault by striking a man with the butt of a rifle and cutting him with a knife, for these actions, he is also facing two counts of aggravated assault in McHenry County.

On August 24th, Sundby was seen dragging the horse down the road behind a trailer with a rope. According to reports, the horse was dragged, suffocated and hit his head on the back of the trailer which separated his gums from his teeth. A witness took video of the incident.

Deputies found blood on the streets and eventually located the horse, trailer and the owner. The horse was treated by a veterinarian. The horse and trailer were taken away from the owners.


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