Lincoln, North Dakota, my adopted hometown (I live south of there) is apparently getting a new bar.

Somebody cue Toby Keith "I Love This Bar".

This new bar is actually going to be in an OLD location. The former establishment was known as "The Lincoln Pub" at 100 Santee Road in Lincoln, North Dakota.

New owner Crystal Pixlar made the announcement on a Lincoln Community Facebook page that I belong to.

She said her joint will have happy hours, nightly specials, blackjack, and gaming.  She was also asking for suggestions on that page from people to help make this new venture of hers great.

She had hundreds of suggestions. 

Some of them made sense.  Especially, make the bar credit card friendly.  Since several Lincoln establishments have a cash-only policy.  Like I said in the post, "Who carries cash anymore?"

Other suggestions included, family-friendly, healthy eating options, food served in general, karaoke (I love this idea), BINGO (I think this would be cool too), live entertainment or bands, and music trivia.

Most of those ideas sound pretty good to me.  The question is, will the city of Lincoln support another bar?  You have the Tumbleweed and DJ's Tavern already.

People from Lincoln are constantly complaining about how we need more businesses in the city.  More infrastructure, more things to do, more amenities.  I for one hope people will support Crystal's new venture and we can continue to make Lincoln a city on the grow.

I still predict Lincoln, North Dakota will have a new middle school and high school inside of ten years.  This will really make this community grow and bring in more of the things we need. Like a CAR WASH!

Best of luck Crystal's Bar. 

Toby Keith's "I Love This Bar" is courtesy of the Toby Keith YouTube Channel.

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