Over the past couple weeks, I've stumbled across a few posts documenting an issue that keeps happening at our local parks.

Trash, trash, and more trash... people are saying teenagers are throwing their trash all around our parks, leaving Parks and Rec personnel with quite the task in the mornings.

Social Gatherings

I remember when I was 16-17; I had just gotten my license, and was free to roam around and do as I pleased. While I remember how fun it can be to get together with your friends and hang out at local parks/parking lots, I don't recall throwing fast food bags, energy drink cans, and other trash all over the ground.

That seems to be what is happening; kids are getting together, hanging out, and littering at some of our favorite and most scenic spots in Bisman. This is something you never want to see.

To Be Fair

To be fair, I know it's not JUST kids. Adults do it too. Question: Can we not just throw our debris in our cars and proudly roll around town in our mobile trash cans? I mean... that's what I do. Classy, I know. Don't judge, it's better that throwing it on the ground, right?

Stay Classy, Not Trashy

Trash Cans: we have them. Nearly every park/walking path in Bisman has a designated area to throw away your trash. So, naturally, my next question is "Why?" Are we that lazy?

Parks And Rec

I'd like to acknowledge the people who work for Parks and Rec. They have to come out to all of these areas nearly every day and deal with the teenage aftermath. A woman posted to Bismarck's People Reporting News that she spoke with someone from Parks and Rec; they told her 9 times out of 10 it's teenagers leaving their waste behind.

Tell Your Kids

Many people expressed in the comment section of the woman's post, that they would love to see this come to an end and encourage parents to talk to their teens and "Straighten them up," so to speak. Others say these areas need cameras installed and for local law enforcement to step in and start ticketing the offenders.

What do you think?



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