Did you get to see that Keith Burns from Trick Pony played at the Stage Stop in Mandan, ND? He played on Sunday, July 11, 2021. He put on the free show because it was his Mother-and-father-in-law's 57th wedding anniversary and his step-daughter's 22nd birthday. Keith Burns played for about two hours. The show was really entertaining and he had the crowd laughing with his jokes. He played some newly written songs, some classics, and some of Trick Pony's songs. Keith Burns married a woman from Mandan, ND. Keith and his wife, Bonnie, are really great people and try to come back every year to visit and play a few shows.

Trick Pony is a grammy award winning band who had a number of hits and their most famous song was Pour Me. Keith Burns did play that song at the Stage Stop and everyone was singing along to it. Keith is a great guy and he and his wife Bonnie live in Nashville, Tennessee. They had the show open so anyone could go to it and the event was posted on Facebook. Keith had one woman come up and sing a few songs with him and he had a man come up and play guitar along with him.

When Keith Burns comes back to North Dakota, hopefully next year, will you be going to see their show? Keith always does a wonderful job interacting with the crowd and he always makes people laugh. Have you had the chance to see Keith Burns play?

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