According to KFYR-TV, JC Penney stores in North Dakota will stay for now and will remain open. They have made it through the first round on the chopping block and hopefully they won't close. JC Penny is a lot of peoples favorite stores and they always have nice clothes and great prices. For more information click here.

JC Pennies is a 118-year-old retail store chain and they filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection last month. According to KFYR-TV they annouced Thursday, June 4, 2020 that they would be closing 154 stores. The closest to North Dakota are in Brookings, SD, and in Bozeman, MT. I would hate to see any of them close in North Dakota. I love going to JC Penney. They have great deals and it's such a nice clothing store with good selections. That's where I go to get all of my nice clothes for going out.

Many people were worried how many stores would close down due to the recent Covid-19 virus with many stores shutting down for a couple weeks due to the virus. The economy is slowly coming back from all of the shutdowns and I hope that all North Dakota JC Penney stores will remain open. What I liked most about JC Penney is that ususally if you buy two they'd give some sort of discount. Hopefully they don't choose to close ours, but that's in the hands of the owners. They also have some of my favorite cologne there, inside Sephora. Do you think North Dakota JC Penney stores will close?

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