There are many different places in the Bis-Man area to sing karaoke. I've been to a lot of the different karaoke bars and sang songs at each of them. I've sang at the Corral Bar, The Drink, The Ramada, The Tap-In Tavern, and the Blackstone Tavern.

The Blackstone Tavern is a nice place and they have jackpot karaoke there. They give prizes away each hour and give a $50 drink card and $50 in cash at karaoke on Saturday nights. I was really impressed that they give cash away and a lot of people seemed to really enjoy singing to potentially win money.

M.C. Inkster party dj is the dj there and I thought that they only did the Tap-In Tavern in Bismarck but it turns out they do both places. Many people were surprised that you the singer could win money just for singing karaoke. The more songs you sing the more chances you the singer have at winning the $50.

The bar has bingo most of the afternoon on Saturdays and then they have karaoke at night. The bar had some great drink specials and a lot of people seemed to be enjoying their night. Many people like singing karaoke anywhere and it's always a lot of fun. I didn't know that the Blackstone Tavern had a cafe inside and I've been told they have good food there. The Blackstone Tavern is located at 2630 Old Red Trail, Mandan, ND 58554 right across from the Baymont in Mandan, ND. For more information click here.

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