What song have you listened to or sang along to for many years and were actually singing the wrong lyrics to the song? The one for me was Drift Away by Dobie Grey and the part was Give Me the Beat Boys to Free My Soul, I would always sing Give Me the Beach Boys To Free My Soul. Here's another one Centerfield John Fogerty is Put Me In Coach I'm Ready To Play but one of my coworkers Bromo thought it was Put Me In Cold I'm Ready To Play

I've been to many karaoke bars and I've heard it all and I've heard many other songs that people thought the lyrics were something else. It's always fun to look the lyrics up to different songs and see the words that you thought and what they actually are, are two different things. A few friends of mine still to this day can't get the words right to a few different songs that I've told them what the lyrics are but they still sing the wrong words.

What's your favorite song? Do you know the lyrics by heart? Or have you ever looked the lyrics up? It's always fun just to look lyrics up and many people would never know some of the lyrics if they never looked them up. It's just something you can do for fun on a road trip. Then the next trivia time that they have finish the lyrics at you'll be an expert.


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