First of all, thank you so much... all who sent me your amazing pictures. I have lived in North Dakota now for 10 years, and I have heard about the Northern Lights probably about a thousand times. I've had friends on Facebook who are from my hometown ( San Diego, California ) tell me that seeing the Northern Lights in person is on their "Bucket List" - After looking at these awe-inspiring pictures, I kick myself every time for not going outside the city lights and experiencing them. I have also heard many times that the beauty and the colors are just impossible to try and describe to someone.

You can't predict or expect what you are going to see when you are heading out to watch them for the first time

Without getting technical and all, just by looking at the gallery of pictures in this story, imagine standing out in a huge field surrounded by incredible colors in the sky - dancing and flying by. Here are some North Dakota pictures: Again, a HUGE thank you to all who sent them to me this afternoon.


North Dakota's Celestial Masterpieces

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