Have you ever been to the oldest building erected in North Dakota?

It's still standing today.  Records indicate it was constructed in 1844, according to the State Historical Society of North Dakota.  That's a long time ago for sure.

It only makes sense that the oldest building built in North Dakota comes from one of the oldest cities in North Dakota, right?  You can read about those here.

Introducing the Gingras Trading Post located near Walhalla, North Dakota.

Google Maps Screenshot
Google Maps Screenshot

It's located 1 1/2 miles northeast of Walhalla, North Dakota.  The address is 12899 105th Street NE, Walhalla, North Dakota, 58282.

This building was used as a trading post and a dwelling place until another home was constructed next to it.

According to the State Historical Society of North Dakota, both buildings were made of oak log construction with dovetailed and pegged joints.

Metis fur trader Antoine Gingras constructed the buildings at this site in the 1840s as a part of his chain of trading posts in both the United States and Canada.

This building restoration project was partially funded by a National Park Service historic preservation grant.

The Gingras Trading Post is not technically the oldest building currently in North Dakota.

It's the oldest building constructed in North Dakota.  However, there's an older building built in Norway back in the 1700s now in North Dakota.  It's located in Minot's Scandinavian Heritage Association.  It's called the SIgdal House and it came from the Vatnas Area of Sigdal, Norway, According to the Scandinavian Heritage Association.

The Sigdal House was dismantled in Norway, with each log being carefully numbered for accurate reassembling in Minot.  This building is estimated to be over 230 years old and was dedicated back in 1991 at Norsk Hostfest.  Here's a shot of it.

Courtesy of Visit Minot Facebook Page
Courtesy of Visit Minot Facebook Page

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