Mark this date on your calendar - October 5th

Mike and Jim Thompson and the rest of the Dakota Riders Motorcycle Club - their Mandan chapter  ( the two other chapters are in Valley City, and Fargo ) have a goal in mind, and that will all be played out on October 5th - doing something wonderful for other people.

Dakota Riders Motorcycle Club - Mandan Chapter is motivated to sell raffle tickets to raise money for Mandan High School & Mandan Braves Center Academy's Boost a Brave program. Their first year of doing this, and why? "Because we want to give back to the community" Jim replied.

What is Boost a Brave?
Mandan High School and Mandan Braves Center Academy's Boost a Brave program supports high school students in need by providing essential resources. This includes groceries, gas cards for transportation to school, and bus passes if the student doesn't have access to a vehicle. The program also provides gift cards to grocery stores for long weekends, phone cards for maintaining contact in case of emergencies, and funds for specific needs, such as purchasing a swimsuit for a child required to take a swimming class whose family cannot afford it. In Mandan, there is a population of high school students living independently and taking care of themselves. This program is designed to help students in need complete their education and guide them toward a successful future.

Jim Thompson
Jim Thompson

There are so many prizes you could WIN - and NO NEED TO BE PRESENT - how about that? WIN OR LOSE though, you are still part of a great cause.

So how does one buy a raffle ticket?

.  Head into the Old Town Tavern or The Scapegoat Bar and one of the employees will be happy to sell you one. Have fun with this - and maybe WIN a prize! You can also purchase a ticket from any Dakota Rider member.


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