You might recall my article from a couple of weeks ago, "The Top 10 Most Mispronounced City Names in North Dakota." 

If you need a refresher you can read about them here.

If I had to rewrite that article, I can tell you right now I would've probably moved "Mandan" to number one.

It's absolutely amazing to me how people mostly from outside of our state say "Man-Din."  I have no idea how you can "Din" from "Man-Dan?"  It blows my mind.  Every time I hear a commercial on a non-Townsquare Media radio station, that was obviously cut from outside of our market, you get a lot of "Man-Din's."  It's pretty sad they don't bother to redo them.

You might remember, that I had the city I spent some time in going to college (Minot) at number one.

The correct pronunciation of Minot is somewhere in between "My-net" and "My-nit."  It's not "My-not", although I will admit most people in North Dakota say it that way now.  Same with people who even live in Minot. Listen to how most of the TV news anchors say it and you hear the correct pronunciation.

Well, back by popular demand, more North Dakota cities that people can't seem to pronounce correctly.

Somebody call "Hooked on Phonics."  These cities/towns are in no particular order and believe me, I could've come up with another twenty or thirty towns.  I'll save that list for another time.

So, without further ado, here are "10 More Towns In North Dakota Nobody Can Pronounce." 

Let's see how many of these you are mispronouncing.  I know I was.

10 More North Dakota Towns Nobody Can Pronounce

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