We all know finding workers to staff our local businesses has been an ongoing battle since the start of the pandemic, but just how bad is the situation?

WalletHub did a study and released a report, naming the states that are struggling the most and least when is comes to employers being able to hire a staff.

The source looked at the rate of job openings over the past 12 months in all 50 states. The company's researchers found that the labor-force participation rate is still below pre-pandemic levels, and not only that, the source found, that it is the worst it's been in decades.

The source dubbed this era where people are quitting their jobs, as "The Great Resignation." This is similar to "The Great Depression."

Which States Are Struggling The Most In 2023?

The source named Alaska as the state that is struggling with hiring the most. Alaska is then followed by West Virginia and Louisiana. That now brings me to North Dakota.

Where Does North Dakota Rank?

I'm sad to say, that North Dakota ranks as one of the top ten states struggling the most. Employers are finding it extremely difficult to hire workers, and evidently it shows. North Dakota ranked as number ten on the list.

States Struggling The Least In 2023?

There are a couple states that are doing better than the rest; New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut are the top three for struggling the least. Rent is too high in these places to be playing around, I suppose.

Keep in mind, just because these states are struggling the least, that doesn't mean they're not struggling.

Times are tough for everyone, hopefully we will see some change this year. Here's to optimism! *Clink*


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