Is Bismarck the same place that it’s always been? Is it as safe as you remember it being? Personally, for myself I'd have to say that it's changed a lot I remember when my parents and grandparents used to leave their keys in the car and the door unlocked. Now, it has changed and they always lock their doors.

Bismarck used to hardly ever have vehicles stolen I can't recall a year that I've heard of very many vehicles getting stolen. Now, it seems as if a person hears about one a week especially in the last month. On Bismarck People's Reporting News, it seems as if there's been a lot of vehicles getting stolen.

My mom and dad never remember very many vehicles ever getting stolen or hardly ever would houses get broken into. Now, it seems as that's a weekly if not monthly ordeal. How do we stop it? I think like many people we'd like to see Bismarck-Mandan go back to the safe and little to no crime community it’s always been.

One can only hope that the crime rate goes down in Bis-Man and that the number of break ins and vehicles getting stolen slow down. That's not the Bismarck-Mandan that many of us remember it. But, as for many places the bigger a city gets the more crime will happen and that's really unfortunate. Bismarck is still a safe place to live it's just surprising in the last few years how some crime has gone up.


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