Sadly we have had our share of restaurants having to close their doors for good in the last year

I came across this article last night and most of what was written didn't surprise me, but it's still kind of a jolt to see businesses that ONCE had a huge impact on cities across the United States have taken such a hit. After going over the list, I noticed that we ( Bismarck ) have many of the restaurants here. Here is one of, if not THE main reason why we have seen so many restaurants close in the North Dakota/Bismarck area is due to a lack of employees. Of course, with today's technology of opening up a simple app and ordering food to be delivered is killing many major restaurant chains, and once again WE have some of those eateries HERE.

Pretty hard to think that some of these places might slowly disappear someday soon...

and I'm talking about places like Taco Bell or Burger King, or heck even Starbucks ( in some cities there is one of these like every other block ) - in a sad trend, these well-known companies and many more are already planning on closing some branches around the country. According to " Currently, restaurants are closing all across America, even America icons like Pizza Hut and Taco Bell are starting to downsize, closing branches. While some restaurants are pivoting to do more delivery as people become increasingly dependent on apps for their sustenance, others are facing permanent closures entirely due to less business"

On this list, Bismarck has our share of restaurants OPEN here in town

Let's hope it stays that way.....check out all the restaurants in this article by clicking here.


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