For many of us, being quarantined means binge watching our favorite shows, series, other peoples shows, crap we'd never watch in a million years if we weren't quarantined.  Face it, many of us are bored!  But the question is, what does binge watching mean for your health?  Here's today's SOMETHING YOU NEED TO KNOW!

A new study by the University of Groningen reveals that binge-watching more than four hours of television per day may increase the risk of coronary disease. Scientists found that sedentary behavior like excessive TV watching may be linked to a 42% increased risk of coronary problems.

The lead researcher says: "It is not risky to watch TV. It is the amount of TV watching and also the lifestyle that goes with watching many hours of television, which we can't separate out in this study, that is risky. I think it would be wise for someone to rethink their behavior if they are sitting in front of the TV for six hours straight year-in-year-out. But in light of the lockdown, if someone was healthy, has a good lifestyle, and just has two weeks of lockdown binge watching, our study can't say if that is bad ... the main implication of this research is the study provides some extra piece of evidence that sedentary behavior leads to bad health and should therefore be discouraged."

So go for a walk, ride your bike, swim, canoe or take part in any of your favorite physical activities...things you should be doing anyway.  As for me, my wife keeps adding to my "Honey Do" list, what's TV?  Just a little SOMETHING YOU NEED TO KNOW!

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