I must admit,  I never gave much thought to this until...

...I found out that just recently - December 5th through the 9th - was Older Driver Safety Awareness week. When you just read that last sentence, what was your first thought? How old are they talking about here? And when I said THEY, who is that? Let's get this figured out - according to kxnet.com "The North Dakota Department of Transportation’s (NDDoT) Vision Zero program..." are the ones that are observing this closely. Now my question is, are you one of those drivers that stereotype others? Either they are deemed too young, you know beginner drivers who just got their license, OR the senior citizens that seem to drive painfully slow, holding up traffic, even becoming a hazard. So again the question is how OLD is TOO OLD?

If you find yourself approaching the age of 65 you may want to analyze a few things and see if your driving skills are deteriorating

Here is where you can head to Vision Zero and pick up some valuable information on how to keep yourself and others safe out on the roads. The issue we have been talking about, and you should ask yourself this - "What Age Are You Considered To Be TOO Old To Drive?" Here are some warning signs that senior drivers may possess:

  • Is forgetful or confused
  • Uses bad judgment when driving
  • Fails to follow the rules of the road
  • Can’t see where they’re going
  • Exhibits aggressive driving behavior
  • Drives well below the speed limit
  • Experiences multiple traffic crashes (dents or dings on the vehicle)
  • Has neighbors, friends, or others who indicate there is a problem

So take some time and evaluate yourself IF you have been told you may be TOO old to be behind the wheel. I personally have found that some young and old are just flat-out bad drivers.

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