I kind of forgot about writing this story.  I actually asked this question on-air and on our station, Facebook pages a while back.  "If North Dakota had a scented candle, what would it smell like?"  Hmmm, as usual, our listeners and readers had some comical answers.  I took the time to tally the votes and here are the Top 10 answers!

#10 Fireworks Smoke!



Let's face it, we love our Fireworks in North Dakota and especially in Bismarck, Mandan and Lincoln.  The 4th of July should really be a week-long celebration.  Wait a minute, it basically is.

#9 Fresh Cut Hay

Girl watching boy play guitar in field by hay stack
David De Lossy

If you have allergies, this probably wouldn't be for you.  Me, I LOVE it!  I would so buy this candle.  Fall is my favorite season and I absolutely love this smell.

#8 Rain/Snow

Lightning, Storm, City, Urban Scene, Heat Lightning

I really hope we can get out of this dry period because I do love the smell after a good thunderstorm.  We had so few thunderstorms the last couple of years and I really miss it when nature gets violent.  Let's hope we get to smell that a lot this summer.

#7 Kneffla Soup

I've never tried it before, so I can't really say I get this one.  I was raised in the eastern part of the state and it's not really a thing.  I guess I'll have to run down to Kroll's Diner one of these days and give it a whirl!

#6 Alfalfa Field

Another one I've always loved being an outdoorsman!  Count me in on this candle.

#5 Cattle

William Thomas Cain
William Thomas Cain

Who doesn't want a cow manure candle?  Just about every day when I go to work, I catch a whiff of this thanks to KIST.  LOL!

#4 Lilacs 

I'm probably alone on this one, but I've never been a fan of the lilac smell.  I hate the bushes too, as they're a pain to keep up.

#3 Mosquito Spray

Woman spraying sunscreen cream on skin before run. Sports and healthy concept.
Mykola Sosiukin

Nothing like the aroma of Deep Woods Off.  Mosquitos haven't been much of an issue with our dry weather of late.  Hopefully, that will change.  I would trade the "buzz" for some moisture.

#2 Ranch Dressing


Had to giggle on this one.  Seems like everybody in North Dakota LOVES ranch dressing on just about everything.  Just don't mix it with ketchup.  That's GROSS!

#1 Busch Light/Busch Light Farts

Holly Hendrickson
Holly Hendrickson

I had to bust a gut on this one.  No doubt, North Dakota's favorite beer is Busch Light.  Especially in Bismarck Mandan.  It's almost like a religion.  And, with drinking beer comes gas, thus the Busch Light farts.  I'll pass on this candle!

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