It seems like people these days are just trying to get pulled over by law enforcement.

From not knowing the rules of the road to doing stupid things like drinking and driving, and even driving with too much tint in their vehicles windows.  Yep, that is something that can get you pulled over in North Dakota.

I frequently see cars and trucks at intersections in the Bismarck Mandan area that have tint so dark you can't even see who the driver is.  This is exactly what law enforcement officers look for, and is something that will get you pulled over.

So, how much tint is actually legal in North Dakota vehicle windows?

According to the North Dakota Highway Patrol website:

The front windshield must have at least 70% light transmittance or no more than 30% tint.

Other windows must have at least 50% light transmittance or no more than 50% tint.  (Keep in mind when calculating total tint for a window, the factory tinting on windows must be included.  As an example, a 50% tint added to a window with a 30% factory tint would exceed the allowed limit.

Windows behind the operator may be tinted with zero light transmittance as long as the motor vehicle is equipped with outside mirrors on both sides.

Legally, what sort of trouble could you get into in North Dakota for "ridin' dirty" with too dark of windows?

Overall, it will hit you in the pocketbook with a $20 dollar per offense ticket.  That means on a standard six-window sedan you could be looking at a $120 ticket.  According to tint wiz, it's unlikely that more than a single ticket would be issued.

Still, you would then have to deal with the hassle of fixing the tinting of your windows, which would likely cost you more money.

Case in point, do your homework ahead of time before you go too dark.

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