Feeling good about your income these days? How much money would it take for you to be in the top 1% in North Dakota?

According to Business Insider, in North Dakota, you'd have to make a whopping $455,000 annually! Now, that's living! The average median income for North Dakota is $53,584 annually and that is much better than most states in the Midwest.  The average medium income for other states in the Midwest are-

Montana $45,076

Nebraska $50,723

South Dakota $48,362

Minnesota $58,906

The top 1% in other states are-

South Dakota $352,000

Minnesota $408,000

Iowa $316,000

Montana $280,000

Using 2012 American Community Survey household income data from the Minnesota Population Center's IPUMS Data Set estimated what income a household would need to earn (rounded to the nearest thousand) in order to be in the top 1% of the income distribution in each state.

Christopher Furlong/ Getty Images

Now, there you have it! Looking forward to your payday?

(source- Business Insider / MPC Data Projects)