Here is something we already knew, as local eatery Kroll's has taken home a prestigious honor!

The diner, famous for its knoephla soup, was voted as one of the best in America, with the results becoming public this week. The folks at Business Insider went through Yelp reviews, local newspapers and checked into awards presented to all diners in each state, defining diner as "a restaurant whose primary purpose is serving breakfast", and awarded bonus points to diners open 24/7.

According to Business Insider:

With locations in Fargo, Bismarck, Mandan, and Minot (and a food truck that roams the state in warmer weather),  Kroll's is bringing back the retro diner feel. Famous for its Knoephla Soup and hand-scooped malts, its menu includes American and German specialties.


Any other little diners you can think of that could have made the list? I know of one right off the top of my head! Let us know!

See the entire list here.